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Our site is a site dedicated 100% to its members. Our goal is to provide traders and investors with the best research and recommendations in the small cap and micro cap marketplace. We are a group of dedicated professionals who eat, sleep and breathe stocks and the stock market. We believe (and statistics back us up) that "Stocks under $5" represent the best chance for traders and investors to generate above-average returns in the stock market.

What are "Stocks under $5" you ask? They go by many names: small cap, micro cap, penny stocks and sub-penny stocks. These are the stocks that statistics (and our own experience) have shown to offer investment returns that dwarf mid-and-large cap stocks.

No greater authority than the "Oracle from Omaha”, Warren Buffet himself, has stated he wished he could invest in small-caps again. The sheer size of Berkshire Hathway precludes him from doing so… but that is not stopping you! Our members and subscribers will, on a regular basis, be introduced to what we feel are the best stocks in this niche that offer the best gains.

Aren’t these stocks high risk? Yes, they are. But, they are also high reward! That is why our commitment to our members is to provide independent and unbiased research and opinion. That is central to everything we do here. We accept no compensation or promotional fees from any company, promoter or investor to cover their stock and when we do we diclose it in our legal disclaimer. We are 100% unbiased and will never break that trust with our members.

We also believe in plain talk. Our research and recommendations will be in plain English. We are not trying to be a Wall Street research firm who seem to be paid by the word. You will never read a 30-page research report from our site. WE DO THE RESEARCH OURSELVES and then distill the opportunity down so even the most inexperienced trader can understand what we understand… and where the opportunity is!

We encourage you to get to know our site. It offers traders and investors a great deal of good information. We offer free articles and commentary on our site frequently. We have created "Elite level” educational content that will help you become the best trader possible and also offer stock recommendations on our free newsletter.


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